9 Ways to be #BodyPostive & #BodyKind

9 Ways to be #BodyPostive & #BodyKind

Dress shopping is naturally centred around your body and can bring up positive and negative feelings and emotions. It's important to keep positive and kind to yourself throughout the process. 

Here are 9 ways that you can start practising being #BodyPostive and #BodyKind:

1. Focus on what your body can do - it is so powerful and unique, and helps you do so much everyday. Keep moving and finding out what your body can do for your enjoyment and wellbeing. 

2. Question what you see in the media - there is not "ideal" body and not everything you see online or in the media is real or realistic. 

3. Unfollow people who make you feel crap about yourself - this includes people you make know, influencers, celebrities, businesses or media channels. It's human nature to make comparisons, so if it creates negative comparisons it's time to unfollow.

4. Say thank you - next time someone compliments you, respond with "thank you" and accept the kind words. It's common in Aussie culture to shrug it off or deflect the compliment. It's also important to say thank you to yourself and your body.

5. Focus on other people's good qualities - if you start to focus on the positives of others, and to give out compliments to them, you will soon find it a little easier to be positive and kinder towards yourself.

6. Hang with positive people - surround yourself with people who make you feel comfortable and confident. This is especially important in your bridal consultation - no one is entitled to attend if they don't make you feel this way. 

7. Focus on fuelling your body and nourishing your mind - we should eat for fun and function, not for image. 

8. Show your body and mind compassion - listen to your body's needs and acknowledge what it has and can do. Focus on progression & love, not perfection. 

9. Stand up to body bullying - speak up if you hear or see someone not being kind or body positive towards themselves or others. 


We know it's easier said than done in most cases, but practise makes perfect. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with body image, reach out to The Butterfly Foundation for support and resources. 

Source: butterfly.org.au