Bridal FAQs

In a perfect world, it is best to start the process 12 months prior to your wedding date. This will allow you time to do your research, try on gowns, and not be rushed into your decision.

Gowns take 6 months to be made and delivered, therefore we recommend finalising your order 8 months prior to the wedding.

You will need to allow a few weeks for your seamstress to make required alterations - hot tip, book this in once you've ordered your gown!

We know that wedding planning doesn't always meet the standard timeline, and sometimes you need a dress in a shorter time frame!

We have a couple of options for you:

1. We always have a sale rack of gowns that are available to purchase off rack.

2. Our designers know that brides are planning with a shorter timeframe and therefore are holding stock of some selected gowns that can be delivered in as little as 4 weeks. As this is selected stock, the style, colouring and sizing is all subject to availability.

3. Some designers offer rush orders for a fee. This fee can range from 10-18% of the total price.

4. We have a range of simple evening dresses that are suitable for weddings and elopements that can be purchased off rack. You can browse/shop them here.

In an ideal world, more time is always better, but we would love to help you find the perfect dress in a short timeframe. Book a consultation ASAP to get the process going!

It is easy to think of bridal gowns as just a dress, but the dress is going to be the most significant piece of clothing you ever buy. Your gown is a self expression of yourself, will influence how you feel on your wedding day and will create a core memory that you will look back on for years to come.

As a result, there is much more thought gone into the design of traditional bridal dresses. There is boning, structure and cups included so you don't need a bra or shape wear. Seams and detailing are intentional placed to the millimetre to help emphasise and show off your body, to make you feel beautiful and sexy.

Quality traditional bridal will always range from $1800, and in our store, can range up to $5,000. If you would like to set a budget, we recommend a budget of $2,500-$3,000 as this is the average price and will allow minimal limitations. Of course, more bling or lace = more cost.

Want a budget under $1000? We understand that weddings do cost a lot and not everyone has the budget for traditional bridal, therefore we always have a sale rack for ex-sample gowns to be purchased off rack, white evening gowns, and our bridesmaid gowns can be purchased in ivory, making them a great budget option.

Selecting the group of loved ones that come to your appointment is an important decision.

At Honey Fawn, we recommend a total of 3 guests to bring with you. It's the perfect amount of opinions, and they fit perfectly on the couch!

If there's someone missing from your entourage you can always show them the photos, or bring them back for a follow up appointment even if you're already said YES to the dress. We love doing this at the bridesmaid dress consultations! 

Too many opinions can mean too many people to please, which can make the bride lose sight of herself and what she wants!

After your wedding, you will want to get it cleaned by a professional.

We recommend Regal Dry Cleaners in Launceston, and Lily Whites in Hobart.

You will need to get it cleaned within one week of your wedding, for the best chance to get rid of stains.

There are options for the gown to also be professionally packed into a specialist box for long-term storage.

We do not offer a re-sell service.

If you decide that you do not want to hold onto your gown after your wedding, we recommend brides use Facebook marketplace, Still White or find an online consignment store.


Sometimes, it’s the little things. Coming prepared with desired accessories and proper nude undies can take a dress that’s a “maybe” to a dress that’s a “yes.”

And don't worry about bras - traditional bridal gowns all have cups and wiring so you don't need to wear a bra underneath. 


Pictures, pictures, pictures! It is always helpful to have a general idea of what you want, and it helps the consultant pick out similar styles that will fit you and your budget.

Screenshots or a Pinterest Board work great. 

And an open mind.

Between the world wide web and social media, you can discover an endless array of different styles and trends that look PERFECT in every photograph. While these can be handy tools to get inspired, it’s important to not get overwhelmed in the process—what’s perfect on Pinterest may not be perfect for your wedding.

Narrow your inspiration down to a few favourites, and let your consultant take care of the rest. From there they can make suggestions based on your fave styles—but can also make suggestions as to what works best for your wedding theme, your body type and alterations. You’d be surprised at how many brides have fallen in love with a gown they never expected!

You may also be surprised by the experience, and find the dress when you least expect it. If you're planning to attend your first appointment just to see what the "styles are like", still keep an open mind that you might still find THE dress. And it's totally okay if you do. 

We want to make sure your experience at Honey Fawn Boutique is as comfortable as possible.

We are happy to take any accommodation requests to ensure you are comfortable. This may include low sensory, having a support person in the change room or requiring physical support.

Our shop is wheelchair friendly. Our owner, Anita, is also fluent in Auslan (although a little rusty).

If you require any accommodations, we ask that you book a weekday appointment and list any accommodation requests in the comments section.

We will try to meet the requirments where possible.

This can be available upon request, with a fee. Please contact us to request.

Still have a question? Send us a note.