Tips to Shopping Body Positive with a Teenager

Tips to Shopping Body Positive with a Teenager

At Honey Fawn Boutique, we love helping our young customers find their gorgeous outfits for school leavers, proms and balls. But being so young and still learning about themselves and their bodies, means that sometimes the shopping experience isn't as smooth as we all hope for it to be. This experience can have a lot of influence on the teenagers' perception of body and self, which unfortunately can affect them even into adulthood.

We have worked with the Butterfly Foundation to put together some tips to shopping with a teenager, and ensuring we stay body positive and body kind. 

1. Establish realistic expectations prior to starting the process. This not only includes expectations you have of the process (budgets and input in the decision etc), but also what the teenager should expect from the process; e.g. they will need to try on things that may not like on the hanger; or they might not be able to find the specific style or colour that they have in mind. 

2. Although you as guardian will most likely final decision on the purchase, ensure that you include the teenager in the process of shopping, by providing input on the style, where they want to shop and when. Taking some screenshots of dresses they like online is a great way to start - just make sure they have options, and don't get stuck on just one option. 

3. Mind your words. When making comments during the process, ensure to keep them body positive. Talk about the piece of clothing, not their body. For more tips on how to talk body positive, read our blog here.

4. Understand that today just might not be the day for shopping, and you need to try again late. We know emotions and hormones have large ups and downs. If you notice your teenager getting frustrated or upset, don't push them to keep trying on or to make a decision. Put a pause on the process and pick it up again on another day when they feel better. 

5. Try to remove the social pressure that is placed on the experience. Friends and movies create a lot of fuss about these big events, which can create a lot of pressure to find "THE" dress, and to feel "perfect". It may be the first big event, or special outfit they wear, but it certainly won't be the last. 


These are just some of the tips we wanted to share to help with the shopping experience. Within our School Formal Consultations, our experienced stylists will work with you and your teenager to find a dress that is right for them.

We are proud to provide a range of different styles, which allow them to express themselves. We offer options in sizes 4-24 off the rack, and have options to size 32 for special order. 

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