What is Charmeuse?

What is Charmeuse?

Have you viewed a dress in Charmeuse, and wondered what this material is? Let’s get into it!


Midweight Satin Fabric

Our Charmeuse fabric is a midweight satin that provides unmatched coverage and comfort. Some lightweight materials can be flimsy and not provide enough coverage, while heavy-weight fabrics can sometimes feel bulky. Our Charmeuse is perfectly in the middle for all-day wearability.


Ultimate Fit & Comfort with Jersey Knit Lining

Each gown is lined with our ultra-soft Sorella Vita jersey knit liner, taking true comfort to the next level. We’re talking standing-for-photos, dancing-the-night-away comfort. Plus, this lining helps the fabric drape beautifully on the body for an ultra-smooth fit.


Incredible NEW Colors

Sorella Vita's new color palette features 18 shades curated specifically to help this stunning fabric shine. From Desert Sage to Smoky Quartz to Canyon Rose, there are so many on-trend options to choose from.



Amazing “Re-wearability” Factor 

A lot of bridesmaid dresses boast the “re-wearability” factor, but Charmeuse gowns bring it to the next level. Charmeuse is so versatile and on-trend, which makes it the ideal fabric for a bridesmaid dress, night-on-the-town statement look or formal event show-stopper. 


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